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Our Team


Dr. Tamas Marczali:

Founder & Partner
  • Married, father of two children.
  • Finished the law university in Budapest 2005, with Cum Laude grade.
  • From 2010 started his own consultancy business working in Shanghai, China.
  • Owner of the AllPay technology, what is an automatic pump station innovation. Implemented several locations in Hungary like Auchan.
  • Owner of the iGes Electric technology. In partnership with Phoenix Contact and Puskás Akadémia in Hungary.
  • 50% owner of the platform what will help a few hundred Indian companies to grow their businesses in the EU.

Sophia Garg​

Founder & Partner
  • Sophia Garg has worked various educational institution in Senior manager positions.
  • Being an Educationist for the 25 years.

  • She has always looked at the new and innovative ways to collaborate and create value in all her endeavors.
  • She is also the founder of Radiiantt Technology which is an organisation that holds under it’s banner Radiiantt Academy, Radiiantt Immigration and Radiiantt Gifting.
  • The MII platform has been in the making for the past one year.
  • It will be the bridge between the manufacturers and will increase bilateral trade without the hassle.

Marci Vasmatics:

Sales Director
  • Marci Vasmatics is  a sales director in Hungary.
  • He has a large network of contacts in business life in Hungary.
  • He have more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, in addition to more than 3 years of consulting experience.
  • This is how he manages the Hungarian sales team and controls the processes.