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About Us

Who are we- What are we about

Helping Buyers from HUNGARY and Sellers from INDIA

Across Categories, Across Platforms, Across the Globe

Whether you are a retailer, an owner/operator or a service provider our purpose is to connect more and more businesses across Hungary and India.

 Through an innovative digital platform and face-to-face interactions, brings planning, knowledge, guidance and networking together.

We are in the search for foreign businesses to help them bring their innovative products and services to Hungary.


About Us

MII is a unique e-commerce platform that is set up with the intention to facilitate ease of doing business in Europe. It was 2 entrepreneurs from India and Hungary who felt the need to find and form a global digital market for both importers and exporters which is quick and hassle free and above all trusted.


What makes it unique and different from other platforms is that it does not only give the companies and their products a place to be found throughout the European market, but it also helps to connect B2B customers by marketing their products through various platforms.


The USP of the company is our structured and guaranteed payment method, where the exporters are guaranteed to be paid by the buyers.

No. Of Suppliers
90 +
No. Of Buyers
Industry awards
10 %
Sucess rate

Dr. Tamas Marczali:

Founder & Partner

Sophia Garg

Founder & Partner

Being an Educationist for the 25 years, Sophia Garg has worked various educational institution in Senior manager positions. She has always looked at the new and innovative ways to collaborate and create value in all her endeavors.

She is also the founder of Radiiantt Technology which is an organisation that holds under it’s banner Radiiantt Academy, Radiiantt Immigration and Radiiantt Gifting.

The MII platform has been in the making for the past year. It will be the bridge between the manufacturers in both countries and will increase bilateral trade without the hassle.

Foreign brands that can be found in Hungary